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Potty Training
09/24/2007 at 20:50 PM

  My daughter is going to be three in a couple of months. I've been working on potty training her since a little after she turned a year old. She does fine (usually) during the day. The problem is that she just won't wake up during the night to let me know when she has to go. I've tried waking her up every couple of hours. The problem with that is that once I get the chance to sleep, it's hard for me to wake back up. If anyone has any advice, it would be very much appreciated! 

Hey JTuSpoiled,


I wouldn't worry about her not staying dry through the night at not quite three years old.  Many children can stay dry through the day and not at night at first.  A lot of parents just put kids in pull-ups at night and wait for them to wake up dry for a number of nights before trying regular underwear.


What does everyone else think?