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Potentially Life Saving Mat
02/14/2012 at 22:49 PM

Hi everyone!

I would like to tell you about this mat i got recently that just about saved my baby's life and im truly thankful for it. My baby was born early and the doctor told us that babies often stop breathing for short periods of time though usually they start breathing again but some don't and this is fatal for the baby. Especially if they are sleeping and don't realize it. This was really dangerous for our baby since she was born premature. I searched online and found this mat, which detects the baby's breath counts and will alert you on a portable parents unit if there's anything wrong. It has warned me several times when my baby stopped breathing so that i could run over and pat my baby, helping her start breathing again.

This really helped me alot and i thought i'd share this with you, here's the website: ibabyguard (.) com Do go take a look!


Another, cheaper alternative is to co-sleep. Unless you are obese or use alcolol/drugs (including prescribed or OTC sleeping aids), co-sleeping reduces the incidence of SIDS. The advantage is, of course, that neither of you has to wake up. If you are obese, or if you have taken something that will make you sleep, co-sleeping is NOT an option.