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05/20/2007 at 14:57 PM

I can't get my three month old son to take a pacifier.  He sucks his hand, but that will only soothe him for a few minutes.  When he is really upset or overwhelmed, I can end up having to keep him on my breast off and on for up to three hours even though he is not hungry.  this leads to messy regurgitation and nipple soreness.  For example, I had to take him to a wedding last night and I think he was on the breast more than not!!!  I would like my son to be able to comfort himself!  I've tried sirop, honey, different molds of nipples. . . Any suggestions????

Hey durae


I don't really have much advice because my daughter took her pacifier from day one.  I have heard that a lot of babies just aren't interested but I wonder if that does have to do with bottle feeding vs. breast feeding.  Are there any pacifiers that are designed for breast feeding babies?  Or have you tried them all?


I would just hang in there and keep trying, maybe he will get to where he will take one.  That nipple soreness could get really bad when he is using you as a pacifier!


Anyone have any ideas?




are you sure that your that he is full when you are done feeding. i had somewhat the same problem with my daughter at three months she was going through a growth spurt and for some reason she wasn't satisfied after feeding and wouldn't take the pacifier. she would suck for a few seconds and then start to cry. so i started supplemnting an ounce of formula after i was done feeding and she would fall asleep right away and didn't even need the pacifier. I wouln't worry about still breatfeeding and supplementing. My daughter went for two and a half months like this. i hope that you can use this good luck

My daughter (6 mo) is exclusively breastfed, and she takes well to the Soothies pacifier. In the past she has rejected it, and so we've tried a couple other types (NUK and Mam) and it seems like she'll go through short phases with those before going back to the Soothie.

I'm not sure what you've tried so far, but maybe try a few other types of pacifiers and rotate what you offer? Sorry you're going through this, it's never fun to feel like a human pacifier!


My son never would take a pacifier, but I didn't let him use me as one either. He would just suck on his fingers. Try holding him and singing to him when he is upset but not hungry, or rubbing his tummy or hands. There are lots of other options for soothing and he will learn to satisfy his sucking with his fingers.  


If he does not want it don't force it on him. My son was breast fed for 12 months and never used a pacifer. I was told not give him a pacifier to avoid nipple confusion, but when I tried to introduce the pacifier he rejected the thing. Just think you won't have to break him away from the pacifier. Let him suck on his hands if that soothes him then let him.


My DD hasn't had problems with a paci she never took to one  but she does self sooth lots of babies do so if your LO is self soothing and seems fine with it don't worry and if the self soothing isn't working let your LO nurse for a bit more if breastfeeding ~*Crystal Dawn*~

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durae, pacifiers causes buck teeth!!!if his gums are sore try ice !!!they have gelly molds that you can freeze ...if he is just irritable try catnip tea they have it for babys try your local pharmacist p.s(. dont buy the the kind thats in the feline section wrong kind)...consult with pharmacist!!!


Sorry, but I have to say that soothers do not cause buck teeth. Three of my children used them and have perfectly straight teeth. 


soothers don't cause buck teeth.

When all your child's baby teeth fall out and the new ones comes and he STILL sucks his thumb or paci..then MAYBE he could have an overbite. But not while he is a baby and has those baby teeth.

I am 24 and STILL suck my thumb (i know it's sad) I don't have buckteeth.

Also..I heard not to use ice on gums and frozen things because it can cause frostbite or freezing of the gums. Get a wash cloth and put cool water on it and put that on the gums...but nothing frozen!


i agree they dont cause buck teeth never freeze your soothers just put the in the fridge for a little while i brought a really good teething soother it looks a little like a rattle but you put food inside of it its great i used to put cold bananna in it for my daughter it gives them a snack and helps with sore gums all at the same time.


I'd rather my daughter have a pacifier than suck her thumb. you can take a pacifier away at a certain time, but you can't take away thier thumb. Thumbsucking is very hard habbit to break and I speak from experience on this one. My daughter only gets her nook at naptime/bedtime so it's not like she's running around with a nook hanging from her mouth and she's 13 months. You can't take it away cold-turkey either, it's a gradual thing.   KC007