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To old for breast feeding?
05/25/2007 at 21:54 PM

MY child is 8 weeks old and he is still breast feeding is that to old.

Nope, that is not too old.  Keep up the breastfeeding.




Breast feed for as long as you can. I have had students (2 year olds) who were still breast feeding! Just make sure that you are getting enough nutrients in your diet to pass along to your newborn. Eat lots of greens, beans, fish (marine and vegetable omega-3 fatty acids), free range animals and their products, whole grains (germ and bran in tact), seeds, and nuts. Make every bite count...

There are several fatty acids that are structurally specific for your child's developing brain (growth and function) that can only be supplied by your breast milk.

 Jan K-L


The American Pediatrics Association recommends that you breastfeed for the first 12 months. Many mothers have difficulty with breastfeeding though, if it's really painful or difficult for you I would talk to a lactation specialist or your doctor.