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Odd Behavior-Any Suggestions??
06/24/2008 at 13:52 PM
I have a three year old daughter. She does this rocking motion, not like rocking back and forth with her whole body but rather she likes to sit on the edge of her bed or a chair and move her hips back and forth. She has been doing this for awhile now and seems to really do it when she is stressed or after she gets in trouble for something. I'm worried of course and thinking the worse case scenario here but has anyone out there ever seen anything like this before or would it be best suggested to take her in for a check up? she will zone out and do it forever if I didn't stop her and redirect her attention elsewhere. In fact yesterday was the first time it really scared me because she had been quiet for awhile and I snuck back to her room and there she was doing that and just sweating and hot..like she couldn't stop. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

I recommend the check up! I have multiple family members with issues .. one is 13 and was diagnosed with OCD, one is 11 and has a form of terets - he does what they call tics .. movements of the body or face and one that is 8 with autism. The part where you say she couldn't stop - that is where you know there is something going on with her. She is so young - I truely wish you and her the best!

Mention it to your child's pediatrician for sure. Also, take note of any other unusual behavior you may notice, if any. It's a good thing that your daughter can be redirected at times, but if at other times she's zoning out or not stopping, I wld definitely talk to her doctor. She cld be doing it out of frustration, or maybe something else is going on. Look into it for sure.