Is this normal please help!
02/19/2011 at 09:55 AM

My 3 almost for year old son who I very normal very loved has a great personality just recently has been playing with his neighbor friend who is the same age, anyway they were playing in my sons room and I heard them say "I love you honey...I love you too" then heard kissing so I went in him room and caught them both with there pants down and they quickly pulled them up and when I asked what they were doing the said they were just playing. I had a long talk with my son after I ssent the other boy home and explained to my son that you should not do those things and so on and so forth. Well I thought we were good but then I catch them again but this time they r in his closet andy son was the only one with his pants down. When asked what they were doingy son said "he pulled my pants down and touched me" I asked if he wanted to do that and said no....I am at a loss with this situation. Is this normal or should I seek counseling?