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naptime /bedtime
10/02/2007 at 17:34 PM

when my 10 month old daughter was born i had her sleeping in her room in her crib slept though the night no problem very greatful for that belive me but starting about a month ago she will nap in her bed in her room but at night she wants in the bed with us i have tryed everything puting  a playpen in our room, letting her cry just made me feel bad.  bathing her, storytime everything nothing works someone please give me some suggestions , she will go to sleep in it but 20 to 30 mins later crying wanting in bed with us ,


Hey jillsmommy,


Welcome to the boards.  I think it is important for you to teach your daughter to sleep in her own bed, for her safety and your sanity.  I think you need to let her cry but keep making sure she is safe, really if you let her cry for a little bit it won't hurt her and it won't last long, really.  And it will get shorter and shorter as she learns to self-sooth and put herself back to sleep.


Anyone else have any ideas?