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my two year old is not talking yet
04/05/2011 at 14:40 PM

my son is two year old, and he is not talk yet. I have taking him to the doctor, and all they say is he is a normol two year old. there is not a problem with him. the babysitter says the some as i do, he is 6 months to 1 year behind. he can only make sounds. i know he is smart. he can put things together. i dont know what to do.

If the pediatrician is not concerned, then give you son more time. It is very common for boys to develop receptive language, being able to understand and/or respond to the words that are spoken to him, more quickly than expressive language, being able to speak words and/or phrases. If he is still not speaking by age 3, then he should be seen by a pediatric language specialist.

I thinks that's completely normal. My brother started to talk by age 3 as some friend's children. Good luck! ;)

Does your pediatrician screen for Autism? Mine does it routinely. If yours does and says he is normal than I wouldn't worry. If not then maybe you can get another doctor to look at him and just make 100% sure and take the load off of your mind.