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My two kids cry when I am working/playing with the other
08/22/2012 at 21:52 PM

I have a three year old son and a nine month old daughter. They are great kids, but almost every time I am spending time with one, the other is either crying/whining for attention. My daughter will no even let me set her down in the afternoons most days. I am almost at my wits end trying to deal with these two like this. I just never seem to get a break for myself. Anyone out there have some advice? Thanks.

You can try to find ways for them both to get attention from you at the same time. Also, you "spoil" them by picking them up everytime they start to cry for you. They see it as "mommy is not giving me attention at this moment, I am going to force her hand". They are used to getting ALL your attention. They must learn to keep themselves busy as well, because when they do that, you can have your "me" time. You can try to give the one attention while the other is napping as well. But, the main thing is to try teaching them that you give the attention when you can, not whenever they want. They must learn to "wait their turn". Goodluck, I know it can be so hard understanding those little minds!

If your children see your attention as being limited, they will compete for it. If you can consistently give them attention before they feel the need for it, the fussing and whining will decrease. Just a completely opposite point of view. :)

Wow, sounds like a tough situation! Try playing on the floor with one on either side of you! That worked for me - my kids are 2 and 3 and 13 months apart. Otherwise I almost felt like my arms were going to fall off holding both of them!