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My son won't eat and his sleeping is gone overboard
05/08/2012 at 22:04 PM

My 1 year old son is scaring me. His eating has gone from good to worse. He used to eat everything we gave him, and the food was not bad for him like in a way of junk food. And now he will not eat anything. It really does scare me. What should I do?? His sleeping has changed also. He is sleeping all the time. No matter what I try and do he is always tired. And he cry's at everything. I am worried and, I took him to the doctors and they gave him vitiams and told us to give him milk 3 times a day. I don't know what else to do or which way to turn. I need some help and advice. Should I take him back to the doctors?

Take him to a different doctor and get a second opinion. They should physically check him over head to toe. Has he fallen and hit his head at anytime? Bless you, CR

Babies can go through phases of not eating - my son didn't eat properly for about 6 months as a toddler which was very distressing, however he didn't sleep any longer so this could be a sign of something lacking in your babies diet. Take him to another doctor and have him checked over. Try not to panic at meal times - I did and it made it worse - offer the food and then just take away what he won't eat. I'm sure he's eating more than you think. Once he's had his normal nap wake him up and do what you would normally do with him - play - feed whatever - don't let him sleep too long he needs to use up some energy to make him hungry. Try not to worry your anxiety could be being passed on to him. Hope all goes well.