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My son believes superhero exist
06/27/2007 at 06:53 AM

Hi everybody!. I am a little worry about how my son is acting. Since he was little he always liked spiderman and batman. But now his way of being is worrying me a little. He always wants to play spiderman. Even if you ask him one question not related at all with superheros, he brings it up. I explained to him that spiderman is a movie and doesn't exist. He tells me that he is pretending. but still that all he wants to play. Sometimes he make coments that when he grows up. he will be spiderman. What you guys think? Thank you for your advice or coments.



Dear Gortega ~  You didn't mention how old your son is now, but I truly would not be concerned.  You said he acknowledges that he is only pretending so it would appear that he has a very active and creative imagination (how fortunate for him!).  The belief in superheroes would signify a healthy desire to believe that good can triumph over evil - the sign of an optimist for sure.  Please don't squash your son's imaginative play.  He will eventually move on to other avenues.  Best wishes to you both!


I agree that his imagination is great! However, you can introduce more ideas into his world than superheroes. Kids (all ages, you'd be surprised) love to be read to, expand his world through bedtime stories. The thrill of superheroes is really about the adventure, I would start with adventure stories. Help him get excited about other things (choose your words carefully, don't want to condemn superheroes. He will think you don't get him or worse, that you don't care about what is important to him). Also, when we are driving, my kids love to make up stories. Start with superheroes, work in some of your magic!


Thanks for your comments. My son is currently 5, will be 6 in Dec. I know he is still pretty young. I have try to make him more realistic. But like you said  he has great imagination and he likes to play a lot of role playing. Also the reason that I am asking this, is beacuse he only wants to play superheroes. I just don't  want him feel left out with other kids. Because the other kids that like superheroes they don't play with the same intensity does he play. Well thanks again for the comments.




gortega,a little advice . take 30 minutes a day to spend especially   just for your child not just once a week but every day!!!!instead of spiderman being his hero....MOM becomes his hero!