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my baby sleeps late night
07/06/2007 at 14:23 PM


i m mother of 7 months old baby boy,

he sleeps in the night at 1 and wakes up late mornings

is that normal behaviour ,

i m afraid his health may affect.please suggest me

Hey mad,


Welcome to the boards.  I am not sure that it will hurt his health but it can't be good for you getting any sleep.  I would try to change naps around and start putting him to bed earlier at night.  If you have to, you might want to wake him in the morning to help get on a good schedule.


Anyone else have any ideas?




It's really not going to affect his health....just yours maybe if you are not getting much sleep! I have a friend who's baby is on this type of schedule and they actually encourage it as they are late night owls themselves. However, if you are not appreciating the late nights I would suggest putting him to sleep 15 minutes earlier each night until he is going to bed at a more reasonable time. Also, I have found keeping to a daily bed time schedule to be helpful for my 8 month old. We have a bath, get into PJs read a story and by the time I get around to nursing her she is nearly asleep. She knows that bath time means sleepy time is close by.

Hope this helps some?