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My 5 year old obsession with food.
04/05/2011 at 17:01 PM

My 5 year old daughter is obsessed with food. She is always talking about it and asking what we are having for dinner. She is always telling me she is hungry even if we just ate dinner. She is healthy, in the 45 percentile in weight. I am worried that if I can't control this obsession once she gets into Kindergarten she will begin to over eat. I only feed her at meal times and a snack between lunch and dinner. Whenever I get home from the grocery store she always has to watch me put the food away. She also steals food out of my refrigerator and cupboards. I rent the place I live in now so I can't damage the cupboards so I bought a cabinet that I can lock because she broke the plastic child proof ones. The latch i put on the refrigerator she broke off as well. She takes the food and puts it in her room. Sometimes she eats it and sometimes she plays with it. She steals my garbage too. Old news papers, store ads, food wrappers, scraps of paper and empty pop bottles. She has even gone as far to where she tells me she wants to go to bed because she wants it to be morning so she can eat breakfast. I can't afford for her to take as much food from my cupboards as she does and more than that I am afraid that if she doesn't stop worrying about food as much she will be overweight. The hormone condition PCOS runs in my family and I have struggled to maintain my weight because of it. If she has it too, then this obsession with food will make it that much harder for her.

Please help!!

I'd take her to a psychiatrist--not a psychologist. There are some kids whose brain chemistry is out of whack and they really can't tell that they have eaten. If this is what she has, no behavioral therapy will work, she will need medication.

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