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My 3-year-old - potty training resistant!
02/11/2008 at 00:47 AM

My daughter, Nikola, will be 3 in a couple weeks, and has been dragging out this potty thing for a year! She is HALF trained, she will definitely and willingly go when she is running around the house naked, but I can't use pull-ups, panties or anything, she pees frequently and she doesn't care much if she goes in her pants, I've tried taking her very frequently, but she resists. And I can't get her to tell me when she needs to go! I know she knows how! When faced with the choice, she brings me a diaper. I keep getting mixed advice, I don't want to turn it into a negative thing, but I don't want to keep waiting till "she's ready". She shows interest when she sees another girl her age using the potty or telling her "so and so" uses the potty and doesn't wear diapers, but she's an only child and doesn't have that kind of encouragement all the time. We've tried incentives, positive reinforcement and such...but nothing. I would like to start her pre-school soon!

I don't know which books are best for my predicament, it seems a lot of them focus on getting them to GO IN THE POTTY, she's already got that down, it getting her to WANT to do it!


My grand-daughter L had a friend who was taking gymnastics or dance or something, and my daughter told her that L would be able to take dance when she stayed dry for a whole week, but that she had to keep staying dry to keep going to dance.  Find something that she wants, and make it conditional on being trained.  Pre-school might not be it.  I think that something that takes you away from mommy for hours and hours is not a motivator.