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My 2 year old wants to watch DVD's all the time
03/27/2008 at 10:20 AM

Yes, I definitely noticed that the terrible two's have arrived! She's throwing fits, throwing herself onto the floor, being contrary about a lot of things. She insists on watching dvd's the whole time. Is it crazy of me to let her? It's hard to know which battles to pick and not. It's tempting to give in and have the few minutes of 'quiet'...Could definitely use a few words of friendly advice ;)

I work exclusively with two year olds and I know how demanding and challenging they can be. I have also brought up 4 children of my own, two of whom had ADHD. Don't give in to her now. Watching DVDs all day is definitely not good for her. She needs to be kept busy and stimulated in other areas. If you have a garden make sure that a good part of her day is spent in it. If you don't have a garden, try to take her out to the park or other outings. The library would be a good outing and she may like to choose some books which you can read together. Children of all ages like to help with cooking and baking so get her out in the kitchen. What about getting a special children's cookbook to try out. Arts and crafts are another good activity which don't have to cost too much. Look on the internet or check out books in the library. You can make papier mache objects, use old cereal packets etc to make models, and crayons and poster paints aren't too expensive. Most children like messy play, so she can maybe do some of this outside, or get a large plastic tablecloth which can be wiped down. Another goodie is water play. That could also be done outside in a paddling pool, or in a room ideally with waterproof floor covering such as the kitchen or bathroom. Do you have any playgroups, pre-schools in your area that she might attend? These are only a few ideas to keep her busy and stimulated but I'm sure the others on here can add much more to it. She can still watch some DVDs but in a controlled way. Maybe a quiet one to wind down at bedtime, or use them as a reward for good behaviour.
Good luck. Remember that the terrible twos don't last forever, but if you let her get her way now, things will only get worse as she grows up.

My husband feels it's very important to mention that our daughter does spend the day at nursery with other children. But most of her time at home she wants to watch dvd's.

Thank you for your great ideas and advice. I will be sure to take them on board and hope for the best.


My youngest is 2 and he is a hellion!  He would watch dvd's all day if I let him but I'm a huge advocate of turning the tv off cause it would make me batty to have it on all the time. 
What works best for me is to unplug the thing and tell him it's broken.  I know that's probably evil to lie to him but, if he tries to turn it on and nothing happens I say it must be broken and now's not the time to watch tv anyway.  Plug it in later when he's not looking and tell him it's working now.  It seems to work alright...most of the time.
Also, this is my 3rd son and over the years I've learned that when they throw their little screaming fits, over dvd's or whatever, it's best to walk away and ignore them.  The only thing that will make them stop is giving in and that only teaches them they can get anything with screaming.  As an added bonus, maybe he falls asleep after the tantrum....ahhh, peace and quiet! lol

Some great ideas from others already to keep your little one occupied. Here's another you might try. Has she shown any interest at all in the things you are doing around the house? Most children love to imitate and help out. Try giving her a little broom and mop set while you are cleaning floors. Let her help load and unload the safe plastic dishes, pots, spoons, etc from the dishwasher while you handle the unsafe things. Wiping up counters with a damp cloth, "polishing" the floor by skating around wearing an old pair of socks, sorting the dirty laundry, unloading the dryer, dusting, ... You get the picture. Put on some fun music instead of the TV while you work together. Try not to let her see you fixing her missed spots and praise all her efforts. Hopefully you may develop a whole new positive relationship with your daughter and help her learn the joys of worthwhile work and a job well done.