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The Milk Problem
06/25/2007 at 10:10 AM


I'm out of ideas!

My daughter is turning one and I'm pregnant with my second. I've breastfed my little sweetheart as long as I could but I'm officially ready to get her off the breast. Hear is the problem: She LOVES to nurse. Up until recently has had no problems taking breast milk from a bottle and that was great for when I wanted to leave her with Dad or a sitter. My pediatrician suggested  that I start supplementing with formula. She threw fitts! Now I can't get her to take anything milky appearing from a bottle or sippy cup. Not breast milk, cows milk, soy milk or any sort of formula (we've tried so many). Has anyone else had this problem? I really need some suggestions quick - my nipples are so sore! Thanks a bunch everyone!


Hey Bklyn,


Welcome to the boards.  I would call the pediatrician and see exactly how much milk your child should be getting at this age.  I would also try to increase liquids from a sippy cup that are not milk.  Did she just hate the formula?  And before that she was fine taking breast milk from the bottle, I would probably also continue to try to give her breast milk in a bottle and see if she will realize that it is breast milk and not the formula that she didn't like.


Anyone else have any ideas?




I don't blame her for rejecting the formula, lol, I've tasted it and compared to mama milk, it's foul. However there are a lot of resources for moms in your position! Here are some links that may have info that helps:

To read about other moms experiencing nursing during pregnancy, try this link:


Don't tell anyone, but I used Strawberry Quick in whole milk to get my daughter to transition. I used a sippy cup because I didn't want to have to get her off the bottle again. I don't know if it was the changed color that made her willing to try but it worked. I put in less than the package suggests and each time put in a little less and within a couple weeks she would drink plain milk. Good luck. I feel your pain.