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mad during diaper changings
09/22/2009 at 13:09 PM

I have a one year old and she hates to have her diaper changed! I mean she throws a fit and acts like she is being tortured. I am sure nothing is hurting her. It is just her being angry that she is not in control. What should I do?

We had the same problem with our daughter at 1 to about 1 1/2.  We involved her more in the diaper changing process.  Let her do the powder, let her go get the diaper from the changing table.  She was apparently doing it b/c she wanted to feel more involved. I hope this helps you a little


I feel your pain! Our daughter did the same thing and still does it at times at age 2.  I just don't give her a choice anymore.  Before, I would tell her we needed to get her diaper changed and the games would begin.  Now, I just take her and change her. There are times that I have to physically lay my legs across her belly to keep her from squirming.  I wish I had the answers....I guess any sort of distraction that would work.


I am wondering if maybe the wipes feel really cold.  I babysat and raised kids during the transition between cloth rag and disposable wipe for washing off little bums.  I was always careful to use a warm (NOT HOT) rag, and then the wipes were room temperature, but I've been thinking about little kids nerves and how sensitive they are to temperature.  Try keeping your wipes on a hotpad set on low.  Or, do some time travel and dampen a cloth with warm water. 


Has she always had a problem with nappy changing or is this a new thing. Is she crawling or walking? Children love the feeling of freedom from nappies. Could be a bit messy but sometimes it might be possible to run around with her nappy off? Are you still using the same nappies that you always have? Could they be irritating her? Good luck anyway.


Hi there-

I would think that this is just part of her age. She is probably too busy and having fun playing that she doesn't want to stop.  It could be just a control thing too!  My daughter is 2 1/2 and we still go through battles sometimes!!  Just have patience and try to use as much distraction.  Good luck!!!


Dear godsgirl,

I work with children from 0- 12, it is common for children at this age to become frustrated and struggle while being changed. usually because they would much rather be out exploring the world and playing with their toys.I don't know what sort of changing area you have, but having an area where that has interesting pictures as is comfortable can help. You can also help make diaper changing easier by getting the child to help by getting their nappy and making it a fun time with a song or game or even giving them a special toy that they can hold while their diaper is being changed. It is also a good  to let your child know why they are getting their diaper changed " It looks like you've done a wee, I think you need your diaper changed, can you get me a diaper." or " I think something smells, have you done a poo, can you get me a diaper?". This helps the child recognize why they are getting their diaper changed.



Have you tried giving her something to distract her? I  too have a one yr old who fights me during a diaper change and it's very frustrating. She tries getting up, swats at me, screams, you name it. I bring a small toy with me when I change her { you can also leave a few toys in the area you change her for that purpous}. It doesn't work everytime, but 9x's out of 10 it will settle them down a bit so you can get the job done. I sure hope that helps you.