looking for ideas for 2 year old
12/20/2010 at 22:05 PM

hi I am a mother of a 2 year old daughter. she is a great joy and very indipendant. and unfortunately she has inherited both her fathers and my stubborness. we are having issues when it comes to disipline and i am looking for ideas. we were doing ok when we were in our own place but due to economy we moved in with my husbands sister and her 3 kids. that is when the issues had started. My daughter hits, scratches, kicks, pulls hair and is down right defiante. the aggression behavior is mainly toward my sister in laws 4 year old. we have tried time outs in a special chair, in her room, and on the couch and she waits till our backs are turned gets down and does the behavior she got in trouble for. we have talked with her about how "hitting is not nice" and other ideas and i am at my wits end i know she can be a good girl because i have seen it. i am not sure if she is like this because she is no longer an only child or an only girl or what the reason is behind it. when it is just us 2 or just me her dad and her she is great. i am open to any ideas that anyone can give me that might help. i worry because the only other time i have seen this behavior is in my son who is 12 and is bipolar. he was this way also at his age. so se i am begging for help

The most valuable thing a tutor brings to the job is emotional distance. Some parents are too invested in their child's academic performance. If you can live with the notion that your child will not always be the best, will not even always do her best, then you can do a better job than a tutor. If you can have a sense of humor and a sense of proportion about school work, you can do a better job than a tutor.

If you think your child's performance is an indicator of your worth, then you should hire a tutor. If you are intimidated by the subject matter, you should hire a tutor. If you are willing to learn alongside your child, you can tutor subjects that you don't know a thing about and have no talent for.


I looked at the site--looks interesting.