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Learning material for toddlers.
05/24/2011 at 09:33 AM

My son is two years old, and I must say or I at least i think he is too clever for his age.His ability to memorise and retrive information is amazing. I dont know whether this is normal for his age, but I dont want to hold him back hence, I am looking for learning material or appropriate toys that will stimulate his mind even further.

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These things will stimulate a toddler's mind: things that encourage imaginative play--dress-ups, kitchen items (both from your kitchen and from the toy box), unstructured time outdoors, conversation with grown-ups, a garden (next spring) or a window box with plants this fall, crayons and blank paper, modeling clay. Read aloud and point to the print as you read the words. If you want greater understanding of the development of the child's mind, read Erickson, Piaget, and Montessori.

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