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Issues with my two-year old
06/24/2008 at 23:16 PM

My two-year old son is so sweet most of the time and is so smart.  He makes us so proud.  However, he has learned some bad behavior from his older cousin and I am struggling to deal with it.  I have caught his cousin hitting, pushing and yelling at my son if he made him mad while they were playing.  Unfortunately, my son looks up to his cousin and has picked up on that  behavior.  He has begun to hit and push his younger cousin, who is much smaller than him, and the older cousin.  It appears that he is doing it to get a reaction and not to hurt them.  He will also occasionally slap me or my husband on the arm or even in the face and then laugh.  We sternly correct him, and also put him in time-out , each and every time he does it, to us or other kids, but he continues.  Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this behavior? 

What we do at work if a child is hitting another one to get attention is to deny him any attention. We will turn our back to him whilst comforting and giving lots of attention to the child they have hit or pushed. This way he can see that it is not the way to get attention and the person he has abused gets it all. We don't use time out, but that is just the way we work and it does have good results for some people. Another thing is distraction. Take him away from this and give him something else to do. We also use the 3-1 rule for positive behaviour which is that for every negative comment you have to make to the child, you find at least three positive ones to make. Good luck.

Distraction and positive behavior always worked best for us. Time-out w/ my sons didn't work as well at that age for us, but it works better now that they're a bit older. I think being stern w/ your child is good b/c his behavior should be addressed. He needs to understand, at his level, that it's not ok to go around hitting others as you described. Also, you shld be talking to his cousin's parents about their child's behavior, and they shld be disciplining him as well. Two is a tough age, but as they get older, kids understand more, and better react to consequences if you're consistent. Good luck, and hang in there!

Its midnight and my son has beeen up all day...[which has become apart of his routine]....keeep in mind I have tried to get him up all day so that he can sleep at night because I have 2 be at work at 4am...he waits until I am sleep and repeatedly messes with things over and over again.Same thing he watches me in the dark and makes sure that I am sleep.I watch him go to sleep and apparently he isnt sleep because in the middle of the night he is back at it.He cries for hours if you try to get him to do things and it gets louder with time.....I need advice please