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Infant Language Study at the University of Southern California
02/28/2011 at 17:22 PM

One of the most amazing things that young children do is learn to how to speak. How children are able to learn their mother tongue is a question that
psychologists and linguists have puzzled over for many years. Although much
progress has been made in understanding the problem, many unanswered
questions remain. At the Language Development Lab at the University of Southern California, we're trying to find out how children learn so much so quickly.

One of our present studies investigates how children as young as seven
months can figure out different sentence types in the language that they hear around them. This is something that infants seem to be able to do quite well, whereas the most sophisticated computers have great difficulty. We're trying to
figure out how babies can do this.

If your infant will be between 7-8 months old in the next few months,
we'd love to enroll you in our study. It just requires one visit to the
USC campus (parking provided) that usually lasts under 30 minutes.

For more information or to sign up for our study, go to
or call 213-740-2936

This is a fascinating subject. Have always puzzled over the differences between my son, who did not talk until he was over 2, and my daughter, who was saying words at 7 months and speaking in complete sentences at 12 months. Hope this study helps figure it out.