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Incentives for Learning
03/05/2008 at 18:19 PM

I am brand new to this, but something happened today at my sons daycare that I wanted to get someone else's opinion on.  My son turned three in January, for a few weeks now at his daycare they have been working on colors, shapes and numbers and the reward for the class was a pizza party.  My son has known these for quite some time, and he was the first one in the class to get his stickers for knowing his.  Today was the pizza party, the parents didn't know this, but my son was not on his best behaviour today.  The teacher took this party from him.  I am having a hard time with this, he earned the pizza party for learning, should something else have been taken away?  Thanks for any help you all can give with this.

I agree with you that the teacher was wrong, but I don't think it is something you kick up a fuss over. It will only make difficulty between your child and the teacher and you really don't want that.

   If you can, I would find a daycare that is more home-like and developmental in approach, less academic. Because the one thing (besides keeping children safe) that having your child in daycare can do for them is to make them smarter, some daycares have made that their mission. There is a reason that this age of children are called pre-school age. It is because they should not be in school yet. They need to be developing an intimate relationship with optimally two caregivers (that would be a parent and another adult, who could also be a parent) who are very responsive to the cues the child gives.


I also agree that the pizza party should not have been taken away but also that the previous replier is correct in saying that it is very important to focus on social development at this age and perhaps there was a reason your child was not on his best behavior today that could have been explored further. I just read a book about engaging children and encouraging communication, empathy, self awareness, etc that may be of interest to you - It's called GREAT KIDS by Stanley Greenspan. Hope this helps!