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Hyper active 3 year old
01/07/2012 at 21:44 PM

My son recently just turned 3 and daddy left a few months ago for the military so we are relaxed into our own routine now with baby brother. Anyways, around 5 at night EVERY NIGHT my son gets very hyper active, jumping on furniture, jumping off furniture, running in circles, up and down the halls, bouncing, well you get the point. I took him to a new doctor and she watched him off and on for about fifteen minutes and said he didn't have ADHD or ADD or anything like that. But everyone I know who either has or has raised children with ADHD says my son definiately has it. I've cut back all sugar from his diet, he's barely even getting any juice its mostly water, i try to encourage him to sit and play with me instead with sit down games or toys but he won't do it, he'll get too rough trying to play different games with me where I tell him no mommy doesnt like that its too rough and then he gets mad. I've tried to make him sit down quietly with no tv or radio until he can calm down but its not working. I try taking him to parks during the day right before we go home for dinner or even take him for walks but he's still wound up with energy at the same time every night and it lasts until i put him to bed. I'm out of ideas, I asked family and friends for advice and they have no idea what to do either. My son is a good boy, he knows his manners, he's potty trained, we dont have problems going to sleep, he's a boy he's rough and hyper but this is officially out of control. PLEASE advice would be amazing!!!

If your son had ADHD, believe me, he would be acting like that all day, not just in the evening. I have raised two children with this condition. You need to look a bit deeper to see if you can pinpoint the cause of this behaviour. Instead of quiet walks in the evening, it may be better to find him some activity where he can expend all his excess energy. Let him run off steam. Real ADHD is not caused by the diet, but a bad diet can cause problems in children who don't have it.

Two things that you have mentioned ring some bells. You say his Daddy has gone off in the military so he of course must be missing him and his old routine. It may take him a little longer to settle into a new routine. You also mention a baby. How old is his brother. There may also be a link here. Does he get involved with helping look after his little brother? Maybe you could keep a kind of diary to see if you can pinpoint anything which may be the cause. I hope things work out for you. Good luck.

I have a 5 years old little boy who for the last has been acting up in his class. It all started out with him hanging over his desk to point where his hands are touching the floor. Now decided that he wants to climbs on the desk and jumped off and I don't what to do with him.I have met with the school social worker, special education teacher, principal , assistant principal his two teachers and still don't know what else to do. My son is good kid over all his DRA (developmental reading assessment) is 12 and his only everything on the first grade level, however when he does these things that drives me crazy. I know that a lot of changes have taking place in his life since October of last when he gave up his room to one our cousin who didn't have no where else to turn, and she have a baby boy which is probably another contributor factor to what is going on in his life. I need some adivce as how to deal with him and his foolishness.