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how to take the bottle away
07/24/2007 at 10:31 AM


i  would  like  some  advice  on  how  to  take  my  22  month  old's  bottle  away,  she  only  wants  it  when  it's  bedtime,  and  also  drinks  through  the  night,  i  can't  pottytrain  when  she  is  still  drinking  bottle  at  night!! please  help!!!!!!!!

The horrible bottle!! :) We had the same problem with my son.. we tried putting water into it and he just decided he wouldn't sleep. We got him a soft mouth sip cup and he just became accustomed to that.. so we ended up grabbing a normal sip cup and tried that. It actually worked, but not something I'd say do, simply because they're harder than a nipple LOL


My best friend used the liquid that is suppose to cure thumb suckers, she would lay her son down with a bottle and then after he had fallen asleep she would put that on the nipple and he just quit wanting to go to bed with the bottle!! Good luck! :D


Hello Anna,

been their done that . when my son was 2yrs he only had bottle at night to and couldnt get it off him . My mum came up with a great idea which actually worked it was close to crissy time and my son wanted this really big truck from santa so we told him for weeks b4 crissy that if he left his bottle under the tree for santa to give to another baby that really needed how would leave him the truck so crissy eve my son had his last drink out of the bottle and he put it under the tree for santa and wow the next morning their was the big truck and no bottle and he was so excited with truck he never asked for the bottle again . b4 we put the bottle under the tree my partner explained that now he was a big boy it was a nice thing to do so that another baby could use his bottle . anyway good luck it might only work on some but it is worth a try cya

regards becca


my son was 1 1/2years old and i had to get the bottle off him i was pregnant so i didnt want two on the bottle.

So i sat him down and told him that there were lots of babys out there that need a bottle and that the fairys will come and take his bottle and will give him a present in return for his bottle.

So we put it in a nice bag and took it outside and we hung it in a tree and before he went to bed we went out and had a look in the bag the bottle was gone and he got a present.

He did ask for the bottle that night but i told him the fairys took it and now he has a present  he went to sleep no problem

i'm not saying it will work on your little one its worth a try


my son just turned 16 months old and my 11 yr old son wasn't bottle broke til 20mos and he was easy as pie. I'm getting sick of my family and friends telling me he's too old for a bottle and so I tried to take it and it was a war and I gave it back. I just don't feel he's ready but I know iys gonna be a struggle cuz he loves his bobby (bottle) is he too old for a bottle or is it okay to wait a few more monthsany suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated thank you and God bless