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How much time playing with your children
08/15/2007 at 01:42 AM

Hi all, I'm new to message boards so I hope I'm posting in the right place.


I have a 4 year old daughter and 15 month old boy twins. Now, this may seem like a funny question, but I feel like I don't play enough with the kids-- especially the 4 year old. I felt like that even before the twins came along. I think personality-wise I am task oriented and so am trying to get things done instead of playing.


I've been feeling guilty about this and wonder how others are feeling. Do any of you set aside time specifically to play with your child or do you just pop in and out of their playtime?

Hey schelpclan,


Welcome to the boards.  I had an only child and I played a lot with her.  We would make up games and play dolls and pretend cook.  But I never set aside specific times for play, we just did it as we had time and as we wanted to do it.  I do understand what you mean by being task oriented, I have always been that way too but I think you have to see play as a task that you need to get done.  Playing is how young children learn, so if you see it as teaching instead of just playing then maybe you would be more interested in it.


What does everyone else think?




I got a Q...why is it when i respond to openes up a new topic in the boards?

About the play...if u feel guilty about not playing enough..then u need to play more.

My daughter is almost 2. She tells me if i'm not playing enough with her. She gets whinny and pulls on me. If i'm on my computer and she is on the floor beside me playing..she'll get up and pull on my leg and whine. Sometimes she doesn't do this and I think maybe I need to play with her more..and then...i just do!

I'f i'm on the computer...i say...i'm going to play with her for 30 minutes on the floor...then i'm going to send that e mail..then play with her for 45 minutes..then wash the dishes..and so on....

if i have nothing to do that day...we play all day. I also save my tasks during her nap times.


  I spend all day with my daughter (and another child that I take care of) ... yet I still wonder if I spend enough time playing with her.

  I pretty much DO get pop in and out of my daughter's playtime though but that's only because she prefers to play alone most of the time.

  The only thing that I DO set aside time to do everyday with her is do flashcards (alphabet, numbers, colors, etc.) and read with her.



Hello, I am new to the message board.  I wanted to reply to "having time to play with your children". I have a 8 and 4yr old girls and a 11mo. old son. There were times that I felt that I didn't spend enough time with my 4 yr old especially when her older sister would go to school. She didn't have any body to play with. I was always holding the baby, feeding him and enjoying him like any mother would. When I would lay the baby down I would clean and straighten up the house. I noticed my 4 yr old sitting by herself and starring at me. That is when I realized I was completely ignoring her. I felt horrible. Then I made a point to let the house go a little messy and spend all the time with her while the baby was asleep. When the baby would wake up I would have her help me get diapers and pick his outfit for the day. I noticed a big change in her and now she feels like she is the big sister!!