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Help! she's scared of going to sleep
04/30/2009 at 07:24 AM

My 19 months old girlie has started to become scared of going to sleep. I've gone back to work when she was 8 months old, and she was cared by my MIL and a baby-sitter (together). I weaned her a month ago, and she still sleeps in my bed and wakes up at nights, crying... Recently, I decided to put her into her crib, and she slept okay, at least for 4 hours. Now, when i put her to bed at night, or during the weekends for her naps, she cries histerically... i think she's scared of sleeping, she thinks mommy will go to work as soon as she falls asleep. her separation anxiety hasn't passed yet, and i don't know what to do :(

Unknown Try staying in the room with her until she falls asleep and then tip toe out quietly. Make sure she is really fast asleep before you tip toe out as she might lose her trust in you and start crying again. When she wakes up she will realize that you didn't leave her and calm down slowly.

Also, make sure you always say goodbye when you go to work. That way, she won't think you'll sneak away while she is asleep.

Have you tried a passifier, soft music, or rocking your daughter to sleep? Maybe she just misses her bottle (or were you nursing?). I wasn't clear on that. Give her more time to adjust to being weaned. Also, how's her eating during the day?