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HELP, my daughter wont sleep in her own bed
07/16/2008 at 19:19 PM

Ok, so we did the bad thing. We have let our daughter sleep with us, until now we cant take it anymore.  She is 16 months old, and we have an unfortunate living situation, we are currently in my in-laws basement. My husband and I have to share a room with our daughter, and she DOES have a crib that is less than a foot away from my side of the bed (no we cant move it any farther) and she refuses to sleep there, if she falls asleep elsewhere and we put her in the crib, then she wakes up screaming.... and we tried the cry it out thing... wont work! and she has fallen asleep in the crib, same thing wakes up after a couple of hours and SCREAMS any suggestions! PLEASE HELP!!!

We've done the bad thing too. Sometimes you're so exhausted, that it's just easier to put them in your bed w/ you. Try to find out why your daughter is waking up in her crib. She cld be teething, have gas pains, or maybe she's just hungry or wants to play. Is she on a set schedule? That cld help. Get her used to a routine. My sons also enjoyed soothing music or a warm bath to comfort them at bedtime. Try whatever you can think of, but be strong and consistent. We learned the hard way that the more you put a baby in your bed, the harder it is to get him/her to sleep in their own bed. If things continue like this, talk to your daughter's pediatrician. He/she may have some helpful pointers as well. Good luck!

My 6 year old still sleeps in our bed. I have tried everything but he sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night and I find him in the morning. The thing is, he always slept in his crib as a baby but would only nap in my bed. On the bright side, his brothers sleep in their beds all night. The fact that she sees you may be the problem. I am assuming she falls asleep initially by herself but when she wakes up she sees you. You could try putting a screen up beside your bed so she can't see you if she does wake up. Good Luck.

You better fix it sooner rather than later and make sure you and your hubby are on the same page. Otherwise just resign yourself to the family bed. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and by morning both the sneaky little rascals are in bed with me! I know none of us are getting good sleep, but my hubby and I love sleeping with them. That is pure selfishness on our parts. We are cherishing the baby years. Everytime I have gotten them to sleep in their own beds my hubby will sneak them into bed with us. Getting them to sleep in their own beds is just pure willpower on your part. Keep putting her back in her crib no matter how tired you are. It will usually subside within a few days. Do this over a weekend when you don't have to work the next day. Good luck to you.