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Drinking Milk
08/09/2007 at 09:21 AM

My 13 month old just fininshed her last bit of formula (we used the powder so it was always room temperature when she got it) for some reason she won't drink but a few sips of milk (right out of the fridge) she needs something besides juice all day, any advice on how we can  get her to drink her milk?


mac's mom

Have you tried letting the milk warm up a bit?  Does she like other cold items, like ice cream?  If not, it might be the temperature more than the taste.



Keep a small amount of milk out of the fridge so that it can be given at room temperature. You could also try making some fresh fruit milk shake [put a banana, some strawberries etc into a blender and whizz up with the milk], or put some natural colouring in it to make it a tempting colour.