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Dog bit both my children and myself
01/15/2014 at 09:48 AM

I've always been a dog person and have always had them. My husband and I had two when we got married and during the time we had both our children. Both dogs were wonderful with the babies. If anything the kids we're mean to the dogs :). Last year we lost both dogs they were old and their health was failing. My husband really wanted another dog but I was hesitant. We were in the process of moving and getting anew dog with a two and four year old isn't the easiest. But I decided for Christmas a new adult dog would be a great gift for my husband. I took my son to the pound with me to pick out the perfect dog. We decided on a 2 year old male lab. I've never loved labs myself but my husband does and from my experience I've seen that they are more tolerant to children. At first it was great. He was no doubt my husbands dog, but that was what I wanted.then he ran off one day. I went after him and he bit me several times but not hard. Enough to know he needed to be taught I was the boss as well as my husband. My four year old is a typical four year old and has drivin the dog to growl and snap several times which is not necessarily the dogs fault. We have had numerous talks with the four year old about how to treat the dog and that he can and will bite if he hurts or won't leave him alone, a work in progress. However he did break skin from one of the bites. Then yesterday he bit my two year old right in front of me. From what I witnessed she didn't do anything outside of maybe slightly startle him. Even that doesn't quite make sense to me (I think I'm still trying to figure out why he would do it) he took her shoulder in his mouth and broke the skin. I immediately broke it up and tossed in in the laundry room. I've felt uneasy with him sense then but my husband wants to work with the dog. Then this morning I found him ripping up a shoe box my husband left out and started to pick it up. He bit me and I jumped back. He snarled and barred his teeth. I threw him down in the laundry room once again. I have dealt with troubled dogs in the past. I had a jack Russell ( anyone who's ever had one knows what that's like) put through extensive training, a pit bull with separation anxiety that would destroy I mean DESTROY the house whenever left alone, the whole lot and with out feeling uncomfortable or even considering getting rid of them. But never dealt with a dog that bit my children. I'm not sure how to handle this in all honesty.

The dog is fighting back because you are throwing him down. He is learning this behavior from the way you are treating him! Frankly you have no business having a dog. Number one, your husband should have picked out his own dog, and the dog should have been gotten from a reputable rescue and not off craiglist or the newspaper. Take the dog to a good Lab rescue organization who will be happy to work with that dog and get him placed in a home where he is loved and wanted.

Yet again, I have to agree with what convextech said. Why did you get an adult dog, by the way. Would it not have been better to get a pup who would grow up with his new family.