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Do you think infants and toddlers watch too much tv?
06/20/2008 at 09:46 AM

I am and A level media student studying the case of whether infants and toddlers are watching too much un-educational television, even on prgrammes such as cbeebies.

Some of the programmes on cbeebies include 'In the night garden' and 'pingu', whilst looking at these programmes I did not think they were particularly relevant to childrens education.

Please give me your opinions on how much you think programmes have changed over the past 20 years, aimed at children.

And if you could let me know how many hours per week on average that your child watches the television.

Thank you

I think a lot of today's TV shows are educational for children, w/ the exception of some. It is our job as parents to weed through what our children watch. Personally, I limit my children's TV time only b/c I feel it's so much better for them to be outside in the fresh air or doing something that will better enhance their creativity. TV is not all bad, and I have to say, w/ shows like Sesame St and programs on Noggin, my kids have learned a lot.

TV provides no educational benefits for a child under age 2. Worse, it steals time for activities that actually develop her brain, like interacting with other people and playing. Parents has to develop TV rules for home. Please make sure that as a parent you follow them as well and be consistent. Keep television out of your child's bedroom. The best place is the family room. More on effects(Good & Bad) of TV on Children at /articles/good-bad-effects-television-children_0074078

I try to limit my son TV viewing time. I do find some shows are educational for language development.