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DD 22 mo. - still rocking crib to sleep - need serious help
07/07/2009 at 07:08 AM

I have a 22 months old daughter, who has been rocked in her crib to sleep since birth. She still does. She still wakes up at nights 2 times, and won't go back to sleep untill i rock her crib. She's also teething - and in pain. I hope this habit will pass, but i don't know when. please help me, as i don't sleep at nights because of that, and both my arms hurt a lot because of rocking 2 times per night 1 hour per time.
I am also considering of getting pregnant again, but i can't imagine how i can make her stop her habit, and later move into a toddler bed, so that the newborn will sleep in the crib.
when i tell her "Okay, let's try to sleep without rocking," she starts crying. I want to make her stop the habit without making her cry. Please help me here...

Routine is very important to children, it is the only "control" they have in a world full of giants. (It takes 21 days to make or break a habit- this one has been going for over 600 days) If you are away from her during the day then her alone time with you rather than the rocking in or of itself, is probably what she needs. If you are with her during the day then try doing something that you do not do during the day. Sit her on you lap and read to her, allow her to watch a documentary on tv, music (I like Sinatra-slow and easy). Tire her out then a lavender bath before bed. Make a new routine WITH YOU. And do NOT mention that it is bedtime.

My youngest son used to like to be rocked to sleep as well. I used to have to hold him to do this. As he got older, this was hard for me b/c he was heavy. He really didn't like me sitting and rocking him or putting him in his crib and doing this. As for the teething, it's an inevitable stage you must endure. Have you tried teething rings or a cold washcloth on the gums? You can also try Baby Ambesol. The washcloth worked best for my son. I used to wet it, then put it in the freezer. My son wld gnaw on it until he was content. We also found it was best b/c as his teeth started coming in, he wld bite through teething rings. Also, I didn't like using the Ambesol unless I absolutely had to. Hopefully after this stage things will get better. Try putting your daughter on a schedule which may better help her sleep through the night. If you can get your daughter to nap in the afternoon, this wld be helpful as well. As for the rocking, I think babies just like to feel comfort and security. Have you tried a swing or a ride in the car? These things always helped my kids get to sleep better. Also, a story or soft music before bed can help too. Good luck. I remember those days and often think about them when I get the urge to have another baby. Things will get better, so hang in there. Napping while my sons napped and drinking coffee, got me through this stage and kept me functioning.