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Concerned about a 21 month old I care for at my school
03/02/2014 at 14:34 PM

I have been taking care of a little girl at my preschool since July 2013 when she started at the age of 151/2 months. At this time she was a new walker (a bit wobbly), somewhat verbal (20+ words), could drink from her sippy cup and use a spoon to feed herself, happy and active. Now at 21 months she will not feed herself(will sit at the table and scream at her favorite foods til I feed it to her), not even with her hands nor pick up her sippy cup, prefers to sit in the corner away from the other children(until I move her to us), goes into hysterics at the sound of other crying or noisy children, does not want to walk or even stand much, avoids eye contact, is not progressing verbally. There are times where she seems to get a burst of energy and will run around and smile/laugh. I have spoken to the director on several occasions about this little girl's regression and she thinks its just a phase. I have asked her mother (also a teacher at the school)if she is doing these things at home and she says yes, sometimes. Her pediatrician just gave her a clean bill of health (hearing test too)and did not see anything unusual but I spend more time with this little girl than anyone else and I am genuinely concerned. Just want to see what someone else thinks about this. Thanks!