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can anyone give me some advice
03/03/2011 at 00:18 AM

so my son is 3yrs old and i really need some advice. my first issue is that he doesnt talk yet. he will kind of babble and scream thats all he does, and on top of that he doesnt really seem to understand allot of what you say to him. it more or less seems like he is ignoring me. we have had his hearing tested multiple times and it is fine. any one have any ideas? also the second thing i am worried about is that he is very violent towards myself other kids and to himself. he will kick bite pinch and even try to choke you. this really worries me . i have no idea what to do. we have tried time outs, we have tried getting down to his eye level and talking to him, but so far nothing is working. i really dont understand because he has never been in a violent environment or anything. but he is out of control . can anyone give me any ideas? and finally i am also worried about the fact that he is not potty trained yet. we have tried and he refuses. so we really have allot going on right now with him. and whats making it worse is his 2yr old sister is starting to copy him. so yeah if anyone has some ideas on what could be wrong with him or what i can do to help him please let me know .

Your pediatrician would be the best person to talk to about your son. There seems to be a problem that a hearing test is not detecting.

it does sound like something else is wrong keep on fighting u know your child bettr then anybody

I took care of a little boy once who behaved in a similar way. His parents thought it was his hearing and had him tested but his hearing was fine. After much testing and searching he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. They were relieved to finally know what it was and found a wonderful community of people who were able to help him. Coincidentally, a friend of mine had a son with behavior problems who was also discovered to have Asperger's Syndrome. This child also received help and is now doing well and is an excellent student who is applying to college. I would have him tested. This is not easy to diagnose and as a result parents spend agonizing years wondering what is wrong. Although it is unpleasant to think something is wrong with your child, you would be lucky in a sense to have a diagnosis when he is young. If your son does have it there is plenty of help for him and he can have a normal life.

thnx cecelia i will talk to his doctor about it. he does have me really concerned. they tested him for autism once before and said he was fine though. isnt that kind of the same thing? wouldnt they have found something out when they tested for the autism?

It is similar to autism. I am not an expert on this subject - just recognized your description of your son's behavior is very similar to children known by me who were diagnosed with it. The hearing test caught my eye because the child's behavior does make one wonder if they are hearing impaired. Asperger's is difficult to diagnose. If your current physician can't offer an explanation for his behavior it might be a good idea to get a second opinion from a specialist. Hopefully they are right and he is fine but you need an explanation for his behavior and some guidance for correcting it. Trust your instincts - Mothers know when something isn't right with their child - be persistent until you find the answer.

thnx i will definately do that because he is out of control and i know this isnt right. and yeah i definately need some guidance in correcting it.

The out of control behavior results from frustration the child is feeling. He is having difficulty expressing himself. Once he is evaluated, you should get a treatment plan to help with specific areas to work on with your son.

yeah but it seems like everywhere i go they keep sending me somewhere else and after lke 8 different places now i dont know what to do.