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buying little girls a toy kitchen set- instilling roles in them too early?
12/29/2010 at 05:45 AM

i may be totally over thinking this but my mother wants to buy my little girls a toy kitchen set, rather like these:
now ordinarily i wouldnt have a problem with this, i mean im sure they have one at their nursery but i have noticed it is only the girls who are playing with it. i dont want to bring my daughters up thinking that it is their role to be kitchen-bound, that wasnt how i was brought up...
now they are only 3 years old, al i looking into this all a little bit too much? i mean realistically, the only other make believe toys out there are hoovers and sewing machines so i suppose there isnt much scope... can anyone advise?

My son had a kitchen set and he is a great cook, my daughter inherited his kitchen set 6 years later and she does not. If you want the child to have options, get her a work bench and some cars to play with also.

oo a workbench i hadnt even though of that! yes i like the idea of her having a choice, obviously having thought so luch into this i can be certain that she will go to the cooking and ignore the workbench just to shut me up! haha sods law isnt it! well thank you for the idea, i like it. still interested in others opinions and experiences though...

My daughter wanted a truck for her 3rd birthday. Her grandma gave her a nice yellow dumptruck--a bit smaller than a loaf of bread. Even though my 3 oldest children were all girls, we had more 'boy' toys than 'girl' toys. We camped, gardened, etc. So now, the oldest has an associates degree in child development, is a SAHM to 4 children, and is active in her community. The next is a Registered Nurse and works full time and has year-old twins, her husband is a SAHD, a self-employed artist and computer guru. The third has a Bachelor's degree in child development, has been a SAHM to 2 children, but now that the youngest is 4 has started an accounting degree. Don't disparage the home arts. The child-development degrees were just as rigorous as my own math degree.

My oldest two are girls. I bought them kitchen toys and dolls early on. The first born usually gravitated towards crayons, markers, paper really early on. - 16 months. My second daughter loves the kitchen stuff. but most of the time she is hiding inside the wooden stove while her brother (third born) throws cars inside of it. I personally don't think gender appropriate toys influence who a child becomes. My opinion.