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09/22/2009 at 13:05 PM

Hi there-

I just wanted to get an idea if this is normal for the toddler group....Our daughter has always loved books and reading stories. This was her preference even as an infant.  Now-a-days she doesn't like to be read to. She will still look at books and talk about the characters and talk about colors and letters, but does not want to listen to the story.  Have any other parents gone through this?  I just miss cuddling and reading to her!!!

my 31/2  yr old sometimes does that, he's just not interested. but i trick him by telling him i will read it myself. i read aloud and do some voices . and eventually he comes over and sits with me. i even ask him questions about the page that we are on. like what do you think will happen next, or i have him count what ever is on the page. say there were birds. he's also learning how to count. hope this helps happy reading.


Great advice!!!  Thanks!  At least she is still interested in looking at the pictures and colors and counting!!!  A toddler's perogative I guess!


your daughter has entered the realm of emergent reader, and this is one of the most profound manifestions of an understanding of the relationship between thought and print concept.  What she is doing, is "reading" pictures and makining inferences of the what story "says!"  She is making predictions of what will happen in the story and is discovering whether or not she guessed correctly when she retold the story.  This process actually forms the basis for later comprehension in reading.  Recognizing the value of this exercise, I have created in my preschool classroom, a guest reader activity where the children are invited to "read" books that they have discovered and enjoyed, to me and their classmates, after "reading" alone in the quiet reading loft.  They ring a bell and sit in the rocking chair.  The signal that we are about to enjoy being told a story, with a book as a wonderful prop! Find other ways to cuddle and start enjoying letting her "read" to you.