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Behavior of my 7month old
07/17/2007 at 10:21 AM

My little boy started this thing a few weeks ago and it's continually getting worse.  He screams/squeels almost constantly it seems like.  Sometimes it's apparent that it's justified - Hungry, Wet, etc.  But other times it doesn't appear that anything is wrong besides maybe he's bored and wants attention.  I believe that everytime I can spend playing with him and cuddling is important, but #1 I can't spend every minute with's just not possible and #2 shouldn't he be able to entertain himself for a few minutes at least?  We think that some teeth are going to be appearing just about any day now, so I'm sure that that plays a part too.  I'm just wanting any advice I can get.  Thanks for the headache aide:)

I have 3 kids and am getting ready to have number four.  My oldest is 6.  My advice is to pretend that you have other kids that need your attention, make sure he is safe and just lovingly ignore him so you can attend to them.  Your other children may be the dishes, your husband, a cup of coffee drank slowly while listening to your favorite music while wearing headphones.  One of my favorite get aways was to go into the bathroom, turn on the shower, light a candle and just breath for a moment or two.  You commented that you thought he should be able to entertain himself for at least a few minutes. After 3 kids I don't think it is a mattter of should but a matter of desire.  To be honest I don't care if my child can entertain him/herself because the world doesn't revolve around him but he doesn't know that yet.  My role is to keep him safe, teach him many things, share lots of love and play time and also day by day to let him go.  Every day of a child's life I am preparing him to be on his own.  Interestingly enough my 1st whined for years after she was verbal, my 2nd didn't whine until after he was verbal but it seemed to be learned from his sister and the 3rd is almost 2 and I can tell her to stop crying and she can't even really talk.  We get what we resond to and tolerate.


Two things that may help – at that age he may be frustrated about wanting to communicate but not having the verbal ability to tell you what he is thinking. For us, sign language was so helpful – we began teaching a few basic signs at seven months and it enabled our ds to “talk” to us without so much frustration and definitely less fussing. It also encouraged him to try to actually say the words, which helps too.


The other thing you can do is to try a way of allowing him to accompany you on your daily tasks without being in the way – a sling or wrap can let you carry him on your hip or back and still have your hands free. I don’t believe you need to sit and play with a baby all day, what is really natural is to have them with you as you do your daily work and eventually when they get a bit older they will be part of it too – toddlers love to feel as though they are helping when you give them simple things to do like “folding” clothes, “drying” unbreakable dishes, or other safe things that can occupy them while making them part of your routine. This way, the baby is part of the routine of the day instead of taking you away from the routine while the tasks pile up. I think sometimes we confuse their desire to be with us and included, as a responsibility to entertain them constantly with “fun” things to do. But to them, our boring old tasks are new and interesting and they just want to be beside us and part of it all.


I agree with velcromom!  If you could try to include him on your daily activities such as cleaning, dishes, eventually vacuuming!  My daughter was the same way when she was that age, she always wanted to be with me!!  I started giving her a washcloth to help "clean."  She would wipe the floor while I was dusting other things, when I did laundry I would put the clean basket of clothes on the floor so she could dig right in and "help" fold them!  It really did seem to help.  Now she is almost two and I bought her a little play vacuum that makes noise, she will vacuum while I'm vacuuming too!  If I'm cooking, she is right on the floor in the kitchen stirring empty pots and pans!  It will get better!!  I know how hard it is to never feel like your child is giving you just one second to yourself!!  If you are interested, my friend told me about this sight called, and it has good ideas on how to keep your kids busy at certain stages of their life, and other good parenting tips!  I am also expecting my second child in September, and they have really helpful information about pregnancy and anything else you could imagine!!  Just thought I would let you know!  Good luck and I hope some of what we said helps!!


My son is only 5 months, so I'm not sure my experience applies, bu three weeks ago, the same thing was happening to me.  My son is very active and was getting frustrated because e couldn't do anything by himself.  His father and I went out and bought him an exersaucer and it worked wonders!!!  Its not recommended if your baby is able to crawl though (it delays them at this point).  Good luck!!!


At around 6 months, a baby starts to realise that other people around him have their own existence and are not just an extension of themselves. It is quite a major adjustment for them to make. This is the age when a lot of wee ones get scared of strangers and people they don't see too often. [It is also an age when they are trying out their voices and working on sounds. A lot of children this age like to scream just to hear the sound. It is all part of the long learning process. Try playing music and story tapes, keep him where he can see you when you are busy working. Babies this age need a lot of stimulus. Give him a treasure basket. This is part of heuristic play.  What you put in the basket is free. You can use anything which is washable and safe from sharp points and edges, and unbreakable. Try some jar lids, yogurt pots, wooden pegs, hair rollers etc. A lot of babies like the labels on clothes and can spend ages just playing with the label on a small clothing item. Some soft silky ribbon would be good. Children don't need expensive toys, they usually prefer the everyday things they find around them. Cardboard boxes, pots and pans etc. I don't know if he is attempting to crawl or move around yet, but when he does, that will make a big difference. He will then be able to explore his suurroundings and keep himself amused.