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Bath time
08/09/2007 at 08:48 AM

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to find out some info/advice on bath time products for toddlers. I've got a diamond little 2 year old, but am having real trouble when it comes to bathing him. All the products I've tried so far seem to irritate his skin. I recently found one in a supermarket called HalosNHorns, a couple of my wife's friends have said it is good and their website seems ok, has anyone else come across it? I've used it once now and it seems to be alright, it says the usual and has got all the horrible chemicals excluded but I just wondered if anyone can offer any info on it, any would be a great help.





dear daddy chris,it is great to here that daddy is taking part in babys atmosphere!!!i have a thirteen year old that  wont use anything but baby shampoo. BABY SHAMPOO a good brand name is johnson & johnson   baby shampoos dont have those extra perfumes and chemicals and before you buy it read it !!!!!look at the labels compare whats in them....hope this helps.   PS teach him everything you can right now because ages 1 to 7 is the best time that kids will learn and remember!!HAPPY BATHING BABY!


Make sure whatever you use is getting rinced with water well. Soap dries the skin when left on. Don't let ur baby sit in soapy water to play. Put him in water (without soap) to play for a bit..THEN add the soap to wash him...then rince him well. (rinceing might involve changing the water)

In my opinion...soaps with oatmeal help with dry and flakey skin.