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baby food
01/11/2008 at 01:48 AM

ok so i have a disagreement with my mom on how to feed my baby
solids.  yes you read that right MY BABY!!  anyways the
disagreement is that you are to give him his bottle first then give him
his food.  she says no food first then bottle.  he is 6mnths
old and the dr recap sheet that i got from his 6 mnth appt states that
you are to give him his bottle then food.  i told her that this
also came from the dr.  she said that peds won't/don't say that
they say food first then bottle.  any advice or anything would be
of great help.  thanks!!


   Vickie, stand your ground and do what you feel is right.


I always did food first then bottle to top up, but you know your baby best and YOU are the Mum, so do what you feel is best for your child. 


I also always did food first and then the bottle.... but you are right... it is YOUR baby, and you know what is best.


My grownup daughters taught me (the grandma) that little ones get most of their nutrition from the milk/formula. Until they are about a year old, solid foods are introduced one at a time, so you can check for allergies. The other reason is to help the mouth develop for speech. Honest! But don't argue with her. Just tell her thanks for the info. Smile. Let her feed the solids, if she wants (after the bottle.) Or let her hold the baby while he/she takes the bottle.  




The most important lesson my pediatrician taught me was that I was the mom and God had gifted every mother with a gut instinct when it came to her child. The books he studied to teach him about my child were not written in stone. He told me that every child is unique and not every child follows the basic rules. I lived with my child - he didn't. He told me to never let a Dr. or anyone else bully me. This came after my, at that time, regular pediatrician told me that I wasted his time because I brought my "well" child to be seen after she pulled at her ears for 2 days fussing all the while. "Maybe she just discovered she has something sticking out of the side of her head!" Word for word, that is what he said in a very sarcastic and aren't you the stupid one tone of voice. 2 weeks later, she was back at the pediatricians office to see a different and now my current, Dr. with a severe ear infection. When my baby was diagnosed, I absentmindedly sighed with relief and he wondered why. I told him I was worried about wasting his time with a well baby. He was very angry with the other Dr. and told me what I have hung on to since. Therefore, when well meaning mothers (mine was insulted that I would choose an orthopedic nipple over a standard "old fashioned" type - but my daughter solved the problem by taking breast only!) and any one else tried to give information, I simply and respectfully stood my ground. I didn't have to do anything in an "in your face" sort of way. I just realized it was my decision. My children all had a major dislike for baby food at the first and if their tummy was at all satisfied with a bottle or breastfed they wouldn't take it. Therefore what worked for me was to do baby food first and then breastfeed. And my pediatrician said whatever works. As long as they are gaining weight then all is well. You do what works for you and your baby.  


I did food then bottle, cuz in my mind, if you give them their bottle first, they're not going to be as hungry for the solids and not as into it. Then when they're done you give them the bottle to supplement the meal. But I don't think there is a right or wrong way, that was just my logic. But then again, my kid turned into a picky eater, maybe I did something wrong? The bottom line is, unless you ask for it, NOBODY should be telling you how to take care of your baby!


I always did food first then bottle but sometimes it is better to give some milk first to ward off the acute hunger so that the baby will be more inclined to take the food. I think you should do whichever you feel is best for you and your baby. There is no right answer to this one. All babies are different.


My ped also said the bottle/nurse first and then food. It is through the milk that the baby is getting all of the nutrients. The food is just for fun and time with family. Personally, I always go with my ped as I trust her!!

In my case w/ my oldest son, I remember giving him food first, then a bottle. I don't remember the dr specifying anything about that. I believe my thinking was that the bottle was going to fill him up, so I wanted to get the solids in first. I also remember switching off. I was pretty layed back about it, though, especially w/ my second son. He loved his bottle, and when he was hungry, boy did he have a set of lungs on him! So whatever made him happy is what I did. W/ 2 babies 15 mos apart, I didn't have much time to do things by the book. I did try to follow the dr's instructions, however, when it came to the order of foods. I fed vegies first, then fruits. This was b/c I was told that if kids get a taste for sweets first, they often put their noses up at the other stuff. Yet, again, w/ my youngest son, he used to push the vegies out w/ his tongue, so b/c of that, the dr told me to try the fruits first. The poor kid was starving, and the bottle wasn't cutting it anymore, so I had no choice. Other than that, I remember my mother-in-law, amongst others, telling me to put cereal in the bottle, which I never did, b/c the dr told me it was a choking hazard. By the time my second son came around, though, I did things I never did w/ my oldest like put bottles in the microwave. I also never had a set schedule. I just went w/ the flow of things. It made things a lot less stressful for all of us. My advice: Relax, and do what works best for you and your baby. Enjoy this time. It goes by quickly. Good luck!