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baby crying
06/16/2008 at 20:54 PM

my 3 month old baby  gets startled and starts to cry sometimes and we cannot get her to stop, is something wrong?

This is a very vague post. Can you give us more info on what you think may be startling your baby? If the baby's not crying for the obvious reasons (hunger, dirty diaper, tired, gas pains...), then try to rule out what's causing her to cry. She may be sensitive to loud noises and commotion, or maybe she just needs more stimulation. Does she cry often, or only at certain times? Colicy babies cry a lot, and often want to be held. Other times, babies just want attention. Try keeping a log of when your baby cries and write down what had happened at that time. Maybe you'll see a pattern. For expl, if she cries after her feedings, it could be gas pains. Keep us posted on how you make out.

i have been keeping a chart on her, and have figured out it must be when she is over tired and when something is too loud for her she gets startled and that is when she crys, because it is always when she does not take her long nap in the afternoon.

Have her checked out by a pediatrician you trust to make sure it is not an issue that needs attention to be on the safe side.