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Baby Cries when I put her to sleep
03/30/2008 at 15:55 PM little girl is almost 7 months.  She has always been a good baby in that I could put her to bed and she went to sleep, in other words she knows how to go to sleep on her own.  Well recently she fights her naps and bedtime.  I put her down and she cries and cries.....finally until I feel just horrible and can't let her cry any longer I pick her up and she instantly falls asleep and I put her back down and she rolls over and goes to sleep.  She doesn't wake in the middle of the night, she goes to bed at 7 usually and gets up usually at 5:30 or so.  And she doesn't ALWAYS fight it but lately she really puts up a fight.  So my dilema this something where I need her to just cry it out??  I'm not sure what I would even be teaching her, I know she just wants to be with us and she is really nosey and probably feels she is missing out on something.  So I'm torn, is this a case where she is being too dependent on us and I need to do the "Cry it out" method now before it gets too bad or is this something that she will get over like everything else.  I just don't want to make her cry all the time if there is no need but then again I don't want her to want to be held all the time either.  I feel like I bad parent b/c I don't  know if I'm doing the right thing for her.  HELP!!

She is just at the stage when however sociable she has been in the past, she will now be a lot more wary of strangers and might have a degree of separation anxiety. This is very common at this age. What about putting some of your perfume on a soft toy for her to take to bed. You could even record yourself telling stories or singing nursery rhymes. She has just discovered that Mum is not just an extension of herself.