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agressive toddler
06/11/2007 at 15:47 PM

My 2 year old little girl has always been a difficult baby. She never stopped crying or moving since the day she was born. Now her personality is so strong and she has been very agressive towords other children. She hits, bites, pinches, pulls hair...etc. The strange thing is that she doesn't do it out of anger. Sometimes she is frustrated but most of the time she shows no emotion. I have tried EVERYTHING to discapline her and it is all ineffective. Everyone says this is just a normal phase...but it has been going on for 6 months already and it's not getting any better. I can't even take her around other children anymore. I need advise on how to handle this. Sometimes I think she is trying to get attention so I have tried ignoring her and that just makes it worse. I've tried timeouts, redirection, yelling, ignoring, speaking kindly to her about it, taking away privelages...everything! she doesn't care. She will go right back and do it again. Please help!

Hey andrea,


Two is such a hard age.  They just don't seem to want to listen very well at this age.  I would try a combination of ignoring and timeouts, basically, I would pull her out of the situation without the attention.  I would pull her out, say once to her, timeout and sit her in timeout--if she gets out or whatever I would put her back in with no words and no eye contact.  If you address the issue but also withhold the attention then perhaps she will stop doing it as much.  Also, I would talk to her when she is not in one of these fits about using her words not her hands, teeth, etc.  Then I would reward the behavior when she uses her words.


Anyone else have any ideas?




Hello Andrea, two is a beautiful age, then comes three! no one told me about is hard and especially i think with girls! imagine when she reaches her teens? I think you may need to step back and start enjoying her, i know it may seem hard with all this 'bad' behaviour in the way, but start creating more fun and good atmosphere where your little one will not feel insecure, threatened or get frustrated because something wont work or go her way...let her enjoy it and then just quietly add in "isnt this soo much fun and we're playing nicely together, i love playing nicely with you". Kids need to constantly hear this, and constantly be cuddled, i know it can wear you down but i have a little thing with my two children and its the first one to tell the other how much they love them for that day and it puts such a smile on there faces that you can feel the love, i think it reinforces the way we feel.

As for the behaviour issues, be consistent, be consistent! it really does work. I woldn't be changing something new every week bucause that doesnt appear to be working... They are very clever and she may be waiting for you to do something different and then she knows she has won yet again....create your own plan of attack, write it somewhere so you are constantly reminded. You will be tired and find that you are probably up down up down constantly reinforcing- but it will eventually pay off and remember that just when you have it down pat, they try to push the boundaries again!! Didin't you?!

Good luck And Enjoy!


It is the time they will be more agressive and try to explore everything and want to do all by themselves.Creating craft is very good treatment . Coloring pages is also good.  These activity will make them more focused. Ask them to tell a story . Like princess story. And explain the good characters of princess. And tell her she is a princess and as she is princess she should have good characters,  Not only you many parents has the same issue.  When you and your daughter are alone at home  if she does something wrong dont yell at her just act like you are so upset and sad

(act like you are crying). Some time she will come back to you and act as if she is your care taker. Explain calmly at that time.