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aggression in toddlers
07/28/2008 at 13:32 PM

I have a daughter who has an 18 month old little boy.  He is so agressive and he is not affraid of anything and he gets so frustrated that he just screams if he wants something.  She is a great mom and her 4 year old is nothing like her little boy.  She is so frustrated.  He is very good with coordination, he loves to golf but then he will beat his sister over the top of her head with the club.  He gets in trouble and he cries but he just keeps doing it.  It is hard to leave him with a sitter because he is so aggressive.  When he was just around 4 months you could tell he would be very frustrated because he would clench his fists and just scream like he was really mad.  Please, if anyone has any info for help please respond.  My email is

Thanks so much

I think it's common for kids to get frustrated at this age. This cld be his way of trying to get attention. Also, it's hard for kids at this age to verbalize what they want, and that may be causing some frustration. Maybe your daughter can spend more individual time w/ her son while her daughter is occupied w/ something else. This may help. Also, she shld challenge him, but not over-challenge him. Stick to age appropriate toys and activities. My son used to get frustrated if he cldn't do something that was hard for him, although he insisted on always doing it himself. This cld be a phase or a side to her son's personality. Try to get him to show you what he wants (if he can't yet verbalize it). If he does something to hurt someone, like hit his sister over the head w/ a golf club, take the club away, and put him in time out. Then explain to him that what he did was not ok. Be firm, and don't give in. In other more minor situations, redirecting him to another activity may be helpful. I'm sure in time things will get easier. Hang in there!

Another thought: If your daughter's son likes physical activities, take advantage of that. Keep him occupied with things he loves. Go to the park, take him to gymnastic classes, or let him kick a ball around the yard. These things may help him release some of his aggressions as well. Good Luck!