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Age 3-Rocking
06/23/2008 at 14:20 PM

I have a three year old daughter. She does this rocking motion, not like rocking back and forth with her whole body but rather she likes to sit on the edge of her bed or a chair and move her hips back and forth. She has been doing this for awhile now and seems to really do it when she is stressed or after she gets in trouble for something. I'm worried of course and thinking the worse case scenario here but has anyone out there ever seen anything like this before or would it be best suggested to take her in for a check up? she will zone out and do it forever if I didn't stop her and redirect her attention elsewhere. In fact yesterday was the first time it really scared me because she had been quiet for awhile and I snuck back to her room and there she was doing that and just sweating and she couldn't stop. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

This may be a self-soothing behavior. See if spending more face-time with her, having fun, caressing and cuddling, singing, laughing, stories, running around laughing, does any good. If not, discuss your concerns with your pediatrician.

It is probably just a comfort thing but I have noted this behaviour before in some children who are on the Autistic spectrum. Please don't be alarmed though because if there was a major problem then it would probably have been picked up before now in paediatric checks. I tend to rock a bit often when I am deep in thought. It seems to help. I'm sure that is all it is with your daughter too. It would do no harm for you to take her for a check anyway to put your mind at rest. Hope it goes well for you.

I am 38 years old and I have still not stopped rocking. There have been times when it was so intense but over the years I have learned to control it. I used to do it even in my bed at night (my hair was like a cotton ball) I have talked with doctors about this and I really do not have a real answere except that I believe it is soothing. It really did get more intense when I was stressed ... when I was a young mother of 18, I would rock furiously until I would sweat and I even broke the springs out of my sofa once. It's not "normal" but I have lived with it and truely I am miserable in the company of those who can't tolerate the rocking.

hi, I know that lots of children handle stress in many different ways, My two and a half year old does this roaring thing,and it kind of creaps me out too.It could be possible that your daugter is reacting to something more than just a time out or somthing. Have you had anything that has happened that isn't an everyday thing, like moving,or family loss, or it could just be her way of a temper tantrum, which is very normal.I don't really know because i'm not an expert, but my advice would be not to worry untill your doctor say otherwise. Talk to your doctor for a better explainatoin.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gave advice. It is very comforting to know that others out there go through the same things. I did make an appointment to see a child development doctor just to make sure...its not until July 21. We live in a small town and getting into drs is impossible! I will update if anything is wrong. thanks again for your thoughts :)