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Active Games for Toddlers
12/15/2009 at 14:39 PM

Has anyone heard of the Elefun & Friends games? They were designed specifically for preschoolers to play with their family and they keep the focus on fun instead of rules.

Does anyone have any of these games?

My mother in law bought one of the Elefun & Friends games - the one with butterflies flying out of the elephants trunk and the kids had to catch it with nets. The kids really loved it. They stood around the elephant and waited for the butterflies to come out. The older one (4yrs) naturally caught more than the younger one (2 yrs) but they both loved it!

I haven't heard of the game you mentioned but here is a great educational game for kids under five.
Check out the Kid Einstein™ iPhone App. This extraordinary iPhone App helps kids under the age of five learn and develop their motor and cognitive abilities. This is excellent pre-reading tool and my nephew loved it. It kept him engaged the whole time we were in a restaurant last evening. Kids can use the app without parent intervention and be entertained for hours. You can download Kid Einstein™ here.
This is available in the Iphone app store • Multiple categories for selection:: Farm Animals, Safari Animals, Letters, Numbers, Bulldozers and Builders, Fruits, and more.