3 year old toddler not talking
08/12/2012 at 18:53 PM

My son just turned 3 in July and still is not talking. We have taken him for a full developmental evaluation and after 4 times going back they ruled out the question of Autism. We have taken him to have his hearing checked, he has had an eeg done, and a mri and all have come back normal. He had a speech evaluation and they placed him at 9-12 months for speech, and are questioning maybe apraxia? However they will not diagnois him now because of his age and his limited vocabulary. He was in EI for 2 years recieving OT, speech and PT therapy, and just recently graduated from the program. He has some sensory issues, along with feeding problems, and motor delays. We just got him placed in preschool and he is also seeing a speech therapist 1x per week at her office. He really is not making much improvement and I am beginning to worry that we are missing something.