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3 year old not talking but can hear and he doesnt follow commands
06/24/2014 at 00:33 AM

Hi my name is lee ann and im new to family education, i need help with my son, he is 3years old now
doesnt talk properly yet , does say words like momma, daddy , botty , piepie and babe , and used to words like come here, and when we would play hide and seek i would ask where's lance and he would say " theres he" referring to himself. As from age 2 - 3 i could hear he isnt using some of the words like "come here" . Sometime i thought he has hearing problem, then sometimes i think he is just ignorant, if i call him to pee in his potty he does it, he comes, if he is in the lounge and im in the room and i call him he comes, sometimes if he doesnt want to come , i just call him as if i wanna give him something then he reacts, he listens to music and dances, when we in big buildings where here echo's then he likes to scream out sounds like "ay" ,"eeh" and he like to make a noise , he loves his cars and does operate the ipad like go into his games and hi knows how to play it, bt when i try to guide him into choosing something correct on the game , he does his own thing

And he is hyper active and likes to make noise, he does point out if he wants something, he knows to put his bowl in the sink after he eats, whats frustrating is sometimes u must keep on telling him not to do something like for xample he mustnt climb on the table , he knows its wrong but does it again, lance was spoiled and praised for everything he does correct since he was a baby.