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3 year old boys!!!!!!!!
05/10/2007 at 16:25 PM

I have a 3 1/2 year old boy (will be 4 in June).  He is the youngest of three children and the only boy.  He gives me a hard time as far as not minding, talking back, making faces, etc.  He is also very hyper and whines a lot.  I have talked to his teachers at school and they say he is excellent at school and they have NO problems at all.  My parenting skills with my daughters have worked.  They have never given me any trouble.  I need tips on discipling boys and how to get control.  I don't know where I have gone wrong.



I have some of the same issues with my 3 year old son.  He is the youngest and has two older brothers.  I am beginning to think that some of it may have to do with birth order and being the youngest. He is frustrated that he can't do some of the things his borthers do because they are bigger and older.    I've tried timeouts and they don't seem to be working.  It is a challenge.  His brothers loose priviliges when they are in trouble, like video games, or being grounded from friends for the day.  When they are 3 they don't really have many privilieges to take away.  I am open to suggestions for this age other than timeouts.
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I have 4 boys.  My 3 y/o is #3.  He is in this same "funk"  He can be argumentative, contrary, whiney, and determined to have it his way.  We try to be consistent.  If he asks for something and we say "no" he will continue to ask and we continue to tell him "no" and he will then stop.  If he begins to whine or fuss and will not stop when asked, we calmly remove him from the situation and take him to his room and tell him he must stay there until he calms down.  He takes his time and then returns to the situation without a problem.  This tactic has worked wonders.  Good Luck, just stay consistent.  


Hi  ,,  I have 2 girls and one boy who is 3 years old  and he does the same things that you mentioned about the whining and constantly asking for things even when my husband and me say no . When he does this we put him in time out for three minutes and he will forget about what he was in time out for  and he will not ask again.however my situation is a little different i do not know how to explain to my son that his sisters barbie dolls are not for him . he just turned 3 the beginning of june. what do i do about this?