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27 month old cries every night when going to bed
08/15/2011 at 20:03 PM

I can't tell you when it began but at least three months have past when my twin toddler cries every night before going to bed. Stall tactics seem to be the usual method: medicine on the nose (vicks), rock me, a drink of water, touch the stars on the ceiling, the moon on the ceiling, and after all that, crying constantly with no reason until she finally exhausts herself. Her twin brother sleeps in another crib in the same room and he could fall asleep right away if not for his sister. Spankings or a threat to spank don't do any good. Reading a story before bedtime, a wind-down period, nothing seems to help. I have begun to react poorly by getting frustrated and angry and that doesn't help at all and in the morning, she is happy and hugging as if the night before was par for the course, which it has become. She is a spitfire during the day with only a two hour nap in the afternoon and that too tends to be a battle but not nearly as difficult as it is at night. Anyone have this type of an issue and what helped or worked for you? I want to be a good Dad but I am at a loss as to what needs to be done. Thanks.

http://life.familyeducation.com/soothing-baby/sleep/52586.html?detoured=1 This is the info on this site. Also, try a high protein gentle snack (warm milk, a little cheese or turkey, nuts), within an hour of bedtime, and put her to bed before she gets tired. Talk to your pediatrician or pharmacist about a small dose of a mild antihistamine--1/2 mg of chlorpheneramine maleate is less likely to cause nightmares than 6 mg of diphenhydramine (benadryl). Your doctor will likely recommend benadryl because it has the longest track record, but my experience is much better with the other one.

Thank you. At this point, we will try whatever we can. Have a blessed day.

Thanks brother for this great post....

Putting toddlers to bed indeed is a difficult task. Keep trying new methods, eventually one will suit your child...

I thought the privacy pop worked so well! It's like a tent that goes on the bed. Kids love it; I loved mine when I was a kid. They won't roll out of the bed, and bed time will feel fun and independent. You can get them at privacypop.com for a good deal. Hope this helps!!