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22 month old wont eat especially at the table
08/07/2007 at 13:24 PM

i read the article about 2 year olds not eating and it was pretty much what i was looking for, except my son is almost 2 and already picky about eating, we wont make him eat but than later on he wants me to feed him fruit snacks and graham crackers. the article said dont offer them food which i dont,but what should i do if he wont eat a meal but right after is asking for snacks to eat?

Hey mulysa,


I would not let my child eat snacks or junk food if they refused to eat the meal.   I would make it clear that the meal was the time to eat and if they don't want to eat it then don't expect something special later on in the day or night.


I would try to fix healthy meals with things that appeal to him and also new things that he should try and might like. 


What does everyone else think?






A child won't normally starve themself so don't offer anything apart from meals. Be firm but don't let it escalate into a battle.
Perhaps have a dessert which is healthy but very tempting, but say he has to eat some of his main course first.
You could have a star chart for meal times. He maybe won't eat a lot to start with, but give him praise for at least trying what is on his plate. Give him maybe one star for at least trying something, 


Our son won't eat @ his day care or @ home.  He now ways only 20 pounds.  He will eat chips, freezer pops & french fries.  Once in a while we can get him to eat rice, yogurt, noodles, but it is a small amount.  First Steps is coming in a week,but I'm scared he has developed an eating disorder.