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2 year old not adjusting to daycare
04/05/2012 at 19:59 PM

I have stayed at home with my 2 year old son since he was born. He has always been the sweetest, happiest, talkative little boy but tht all changed when I recently started working and had to put him in daycare. Since day one he cries non stop and no longer talks. He doesnt interact with any of the other kids and doesnt participate in any of the activities. And He wants nothing to do with me anymore! He seems to have completely shut down and just isn't himself at all anymore. They keep telling me he will adjust but it's been over a month and it just seems to be getting worse! Is this normal???? I just want my happy little boy back! HELP!!!!!!

When I did daycare, I had a client for about 3 weeks who came to me because he was behaving just like your son. His parents were going to school and his mom was doing her student teaching so they just needed care for a short time. The staff at the daycare that he was at was frustrated because he cried all day long. I requested that the first day one of the parents come and work on a project for an hour or two, while he got accustomed to my home, to me, and to the other children. Of course, he was very comfortable, because his dad was here the whole time.

The next day was Saturday, and I arranged for them to bring the boy in, say goodbye, and leave him with his stuff as if it were going to be a whole day. Dad drove away. Just out of sight. We settled in, and then within five minutes, Dad came back. The little boy had learned at the old daycare that if he cried long enough, his family would come and get him. At my daycare, he learned that they would come and get him even if he didn't cry. He was a happy little boy for the whole three weeks. I think he would have been happy in my care for years.

In your case, you stayed with your kid whole 2 years so probably he is expecting you around all day long and when suddenly you drop him to a daycare he is not able to adapt himself. This is a normal behavior as kids in this age and with an attachment for their parents tends to become harsh with a sudden change in situation. He becomes used to with it. Make him understand the importance of other things or entertain him with some playing stuff. That would help !!!